Shineco CleaningShineco Cleaning

The Shineco Process:

Shineco uses the VonSchrader System which has been tested and proven in a class of its own. No other cleaning system has the capability of deep cleaning without over-wetting.

Our system applies a dirt emulsifying dry foam, brushes it thoroughly into the carpet and removes both foam and dirt immediately. Click here for more info about our process.

This patented feature uses 10% moisture; there is no danger of shrinkage, dry-rot, browning or mildew.  Richly coloured fibres will not bleed or fade. It is not a shampoo that only cleans the surface of the carpet. It is not steam that takes over a day to dry. Carpets dry fast – often in less than an hour!

Shineco is proud to be Eco-Friendly, Fragrance Free and Safe for all Sensitivities. Click here to see what we do differently.

That’s the Shineco Guarantee!

Employee Fact:

Shineco uses safety and factory trained individuals with government and police security clearance. We maintain privacy, security, and trustworthiness for our residential and commercial clients.

How We Started:

A few years ago we started looking for a carpet cleaning machine for work. We found it: the right machine, detergents, and process make all the difference!


Building Cleaned


Clients Satisfied




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About Our Process

Our Carpet-Cleaning Process:

  1. Pre-cleaning Inspection
  2. Commercial Vacuum using HEPA filter
  3. Soil-Releasing Pre-Spray and Grooming
  4. Patented low-moisture Carpet Combing Process includes deodorization using anti-resoil detergent.
  5. Final grooming and Inspection.
  6. We place fabric guards under furniture legs as needed to protect furniture and floor as it dries.
  7. Surfaces are dry within an hour


Our Upholstery Cleaning Process:

  1. Commercial Vacuum using HEPA filter
  2. Soil-Releasing Pre-Spray
  3. Gentle brushes comb surfaces while foam and suction extracts dirt from below the surface of your furniture.
  4. Surfaces are dry within two hours.

We treat Leathers Also:

  1. Pre-Oil cleaner applied to separate oil from surface
  2. Our machine gently removes dirt and stains from below surface of your leather furniture.
  3. The leather is dried then our leather conditioner is massaged in preventing cracking and future soiling

We guarantee none of our products will harm your surfaces.  Details about our General Liability insurance is available upon request


About Green Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly Process:

  • Our patented Air-cell technology uses only 10% moisture – which translates to a lot less water waste than other methods!
  • Our machines run on standard hydro – the same as your personal vacuum.
  • We are not truck-mounted. Our vehicles do not idle fumes in the neighbourhood while we work.
  • Our system is contained to where we are working. Your doors and windows stay closed, not letting out heat or a/c for hoses and wires to an outside machine.

Environmentally Friendly Detergents:

  • Green Seal Approved
  • Fragrance free – no synthetic fragrances!
  • Non-Toxic, Non-irritant.

Residential & Commercial Cleaning:

  • Shineco uses the Norwex family of products for janitorial maintenance. This allows us to use water, not harmful chemicals and irritants to clean


Because We Care:


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